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        I had the pleasure of photographing a surprise Kerry Park proposal between two wonderful people last summer. I just realized that I never got around to blogging about it!  Alex and Shannon flew in from Texas for a weekend trip in Seattle. Unbenounced to Shannon, Alex had planned out an epic weekend. Starting at Kerry Park for the surprise proposal Alex and I worked out a plan over the phone and email for when to  show up and where he should stand.  This was so nerve wracking for me since Kerry Park is such a popular place. I was having visions of people accidentally blocking my view at the crucial moment! I acted nonchalant and pretended to be capturing the amazing view of the Seattle skyline with a long lens and luckily Shannon had no idea and no one blocked my shot. The genuine emotions of proposals are so amazingly magical to capture!

        Part 2

        After the Kerry Park proposal (spoiler alert she said yes!) we walked over to Parsons Gardens for some sweet couple photos. Then I said goodbye to the couple and pretended to be on my way. However the day of surprises wasn’t over yet! Alex had secretly arranged for both of their families to fly in from Texas to surprise the couple at brunch following the proposal. I blended in with the family and used a long lense again to capture Shannon’s reaction. So much fun! Congratulations you two.

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